Opposable Thumbs

is a creative consultancy that uses design as a process

in helping businesses and organizations communicate themselves and their brand identity
in innovating product development through a community of artisans, designers and creative entrepreneurs
and in finding solutions to everyday challenges.

We're the multidisciplinary sort, with backgrounds in both the humanities and in the sciences, and armed with a passion for what we do, we work with experienced teams in moving things forward.

The Principals



Lex is a designer and creative entrepreneur with a foundation in business research and complex systems.

He focuses on utilizing design as his primary process in problem solving, whether it be streamlining a communications design campaign or creating avenues for innovation within an organization.

His multidisciplinary perspective allows him to swing left field, or any which manner, if necessary. He has worked with government agencies, non-profits, start-ups, regional organizations, leading them in brainstorming sessions and facilitating the design process.


Marielle is both a writer and designer, bringing to the table over 8 years of experience in designing campaigns and communications materials for mission-oriented organizations.

Her passion for helping global advocacies and mission-based organizations communicate more effectively has evolved into seeing startup business, in addition to these organizations, fly.

This direction has allowed for a broader context of design in her work, one that includes business operations, product and service design and community management.
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